Biophilic Landscaper

Biophilic design incorporates our need to be with nature by using natural elements and systems in the design of the built environment. Learn to evaluate how a landscape impacts upon the physical and mental wellbeing of people who exist in that landscape, and determine how the landscape can be made more biophilic or people friendly.

Where Work?

Biophilic Landscapers design (and construct) landscapes that encourage people to regain an association with nature, and which contribute to our health and well-being in an environmentally healthy, built environment. People working in landscape and garden design, health industry, landscape architects and construction are examples of places where they may be employed.

What is needed

  • People who recognise our innate desire to be in touch with nature - both on individual and community level.
  • Developers and governments and planners with vision to incorporate biophilic designs into our built environment.
  •  A good understanding of Landscape Design and Horticulture therapy are just a couple of the areas which are required skills to enter this field.


As urban populations increase, residing in these environments can have specific effects on our health and wellbeing; the landscape (or lack of) can have a positive or negative impact. With this awareness comes opportunities to bring nature into our buildings and their surrounds. Opportunities can be found in areas such as Horticultural Therapy, Biophilic Landscape Design, Urban farming, Roof Top Gardening and Green Walls, just to name a few.
Awareness of the importance of biophilic design in our manufactured environment can produce well designed spaces that encourage people to be in touch with nature - improving health and well-being.


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