Grafter- Fruit Trees

Much of the fruit we consume such as avocadoes, apples, citrus, plums, pears etc. are grown on grafted trees. Sometimes these trees are grown by people who have space to grow these trees in their backyard. For those wanting something a little different, many different types of citrus such as oranges, mandarins and limes can be grown onto the one plant. Or you can get several varieties of applies on the one tree. Grafting is not limited to producing fruit trees, many ornamental plants are grown for the home gardener or public spaces.  

Where They Work

Grafters work in specialist nurseries which supply fruit and ornamental plants to producers or retail nurseries. With new varieties of fruit coming onto the market, producers need this stock to plant out in large numbers to grow commercially.

Grafters are required to have very good knowledge of the various propagation techniques associated with producing a large variety of plants. Often many plants are grafted and are contract grown, that is they are ordered by a citrus grower for example and trees are grafted grown on and sold to the grower where they are then planted out on their farm.

What is needed

Having a good understanding of the different budding and grafting techniques and the different varieties of plants which can be grown this way. Grafting requires taking two pieces of separate plants, one the rootstock, the other the scion and grafting them together using one of the grafting techniques.

With experience, a grafter can graft a significant number of fruit trees in a day. A grafter may start out doing a course which will help understand the different techniques and the technical aspects such as plant tissues.


Many nurseries require the services of propagators. With skill and experience some of these propagators who have become efficient at budding and grafting will move into nurseries which require their services with the potential; to generate a good income.

There is even an opportunity to establish your own nursery producing plants and generating extra income.  

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