Foundation Certificate In Garden Planning and Development Level 3 VHT042

The value of the green-space in both the urban and the rural environment is undisputed.  The benefits to wildlife and humans alike are no longer disputed.   Many new homes are being built and many of their new owners have no idea where to start in the development of their plot.  It can be very intimidating.  Good advice can be difficult to find and so the demand for knowledgeable gardeners has never been greater.  This is why taking a course in garden planning and development is ideal for the new professional gardener who wants to set up their own business designing, building and maintaining gardens

During 200-hours of study you can learn how to tackle any plot.  The Foundation Certificate In Garden Planning and Development Level 3 course gives you the skills to assess the opportunities, survey the site and make a plan, and then implement that plan.  Along the way you can offer your client the choice between hard and soft landscaping features i.e. paving vs. plants!  You can also consider how to reduce the environmental impact of the garden by saving water or creating wildlife friendly features.  

All this can be achieved by studying for 8-hours a week for 6 months.  You will not be alone during this experience because you will be allocated a tutor who comes with years of experience and expert knowledge.  As you work your way through the lessons and associated assignments, you can ask your tutor further questions and bounce new ideas off them.

You will spend much more that the cost of this course on buying machinery and equipment for your business.  The knowledge gained here will make your efforts go much further and in the right places and you will be able to develop the business.

If you have any questions - please ask us!

You can enrol on the Foundation Certificate In Garden Planning and Development Level 3 at any time. There are two options for studying - either online, or by eLearning, and we offer a 5% discount for those who sign up for the online option.

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