Huntington: A Botanic Oasis In Los Angeles

Henry Huntington was one of the wealthiest American businessmen of the 19th Century. His home in Pasadena, Los Angeles now bears his name, and is a major cultural and educational facility run by a private, non profit organisation. Visitors to Huntington can enjoy a huge and outstanding art collection, a priceless collection of rare books, a historic mansion, bookshop, restaurant, and a 130 acre Botanic Garden. The garden is divided into fifteen different specialised areas, set amongst green, undulating lawns.

The desert garden at Huntington is considered to be one of the best collections of cacti and succulents in the world. Many species are mass planted for dramatic effect. The overall planting design is both inspiring and educational, and despite its grand scale, still provides an abundance of ideas that can be borrowed by the home gardener.

The Japanese Garden consists of a series of Japanese rooms and incorporates a furnished Japanese Tea House. A large enclosed bonsai court displays some large and priceless specimens, on uncluttered benches and pedestals where they can be appreciated without distraction. Being an oriental garden, this area is serene and exhibits a heightened sensitivity in the way the landscape materials are used.

The rose garden was developed to show the history of the rose over 2000 years, and is sure to delight rose lovers.

The Camellia collection is split between two garden areas, and is one of the largest collections of Camellias in North America.

Huntington also has a herb garden, a Shakespeare Garden (incorporating plants Shakespeare wrote about), and an area devoted to Australian plants. A new Botanical Centre, including a conservatory area has also recently been developed.

Huntington is located at
1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, California, USA.
For more information:
telephone 626-405-2100 or

To fully appreciate Huntington, set aside at least half a day... although true garden lovers will probably need to spend a lot longer.

Drum Bridge in the Japanese Garden
Drum Bridge in the Japanese Garden
View toward the rose garden across the herb garden
View toward the rose garden across the herb garden
The Desert Garden
The Desert Garden

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