Kiewa Rose Garden

Iceberg Rose 


Mt Beauty is a small valley township nestled near the foothills of My Bogong in Victora. Cold temperatures sink to minus 10°C, but Summer temperatures have been known to escalate to 40°C.

With such harsh conditions to develop a garden, even one that attracts visitors, it takes a lot of determination, a lot of love and an understanding of the way to select the right plant for the right site.

Margaret Hunter has done just that. In fact, Margaret has produced a glorious rose garden admired by many visitors.

Problems of frost damage and poor drainage have been overcome. The wide-ranging temperatures repeatedly stress the plants so solutions like mulch and good plant selection have been essential. Upon first arrival at the garden, a wall-fence of lunch roses prepares visitors for the rest of the garden. Roses at this point include: ’Blue Moon’, ‘Golden Showers’, ‘Iceberg’, ‘Pascali’, ‘Pierre de Bonsard’ and ‘Mrs Herbert Stevens’.

Rose Blue Moon 

To complement the flowers additional flowering plants include Mexican Orange Blossom (Philadelphus mexicanus) and lavender (Lavendular spica).

Within the garden, mass displays of the groundcover rose, ‘Laura Ashley’, bursts into bloom with tiny crimson-lavender flowers. This directs the attention of visitors towards the stately Silver Birch (Betula pendula) under a tranquil figurine is located.

The backyard features a delightful circular rose bed. Other features worth seeking in the front garden that extends the length of the yard, a birdbath and a wooden archway covered in roses.

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