Wildflowers Of Western Australia

Western Australia may seem like an unlikely place for wildflowers, but the state is in fact widely known its wildflower season, beginning as early as June and extending through to December.

Indeed, the south western corner of the state has more species of flowering plants than anywhere else in the world. The spring period between September and November is widely considered to be the best time to watch for these colourful displays in the state, but even in August a wide range of blooms can be found.

Many Australian wildflowers are easy to grow. They are frequently drought hardy and can cope with poor soils, but many will also respond well to slow release fertiliser and extra water.

In the past it has often been difficult to source Western Australian native plants, but today there are a wide range of species and cultivars available for the home gardener, as well as plants available for commercial flower producers. In many cases cultivars of Australian native plants can be found in retail nurseries. Many native plant nurseries also exist. Organisations such as the Society for Australian Plants can provide details of nurseries in your area.

Banksia menziesii


Verticordia grandis


Swainsonia formosa

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