Elegant Gardening On Australia's Gold Coast

Good gardening is all about planning, planning, planning. It's amazing just how much you can fit on a standard house block if you really think about what you need, before spending a bit of time planning where everything can go.

The problem with most of us is that we're always in a hurry, and we act on impulse when we put our gardens together. Not so for the owners of this home and garden on Australia's Gold Coast. Together with Sue Bampton, garden designer and student of The Australian Correspondence Schools, they have put together a visually stunning garden which also caters to their lifestyle.

 The four main garden rooms are:
  • The front courtyard
  • The pool
  • The canal garden
  • The southern Garden

The front courtyard is bordered on three sides by a high grey brick wall. Vibrantly coloured Day Lilies and Ixoras, both of which flower for long periods in Australia are used to liven up this wall. The front courtyard includes the paved driveway to the home, which is paved with a warm coloured terracotta paving. Not far away, a large Poinciana tree (Delonix regia) provides a serene shape and seasonal red colour. These plants are typical choices for Queensland’s coastal regions.

The pool is really the hub of the garden, and is used for much of the year. Hence the area is paved for easy maintenance. A large shade wing provides protection from the sun, which is essential in Australia’s harsh climate, as well as giving the area a cool, shady feel. Most of the plants around the pool are in large terracotta coloured pots. This means that the owners of the home can give their garden a facelift by moving pots around or adding quick colour to pots without having to redo the whole garden. The gazebo, which is located just by the pool is really an extension of the house. It provides the perfect place for outdoor dining, popular on the Gold Coast all year ‘round. Roll up plastic blinds on the sides of the gazebo enable the whole area to be opened up to take advantage of cool canal breezes.

 The canal garden presents a spectacular view which opens up over a flight of wide steps, flanked by an oasis of green lawns. When you wander down the steps, to the canal where a luxury cruiser is moored, you can understand why the owners of this garden might secretly chuckle to themselves every time they spend the day at home.

The southern garden still gets a lot of sun, and a shade wing is used to help keep the paved areas cool. The far end however has been left open so that the washing on the clothes line there will dry easily. In the hot Queensland climate, it’s not as necessary to have direct sun to dry clothes as it is in temperate areas.

Overall, this is a wonderfully inviting garden that reflects great forward planning. If you want your garden to suit your lifestyle, needs and budget, then take some expert advice, and plan ahead.


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