Public interest in gardens and gardening is set to soar, following the first ‘Best In Show’ win by an Australian team at the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show. Nursery & Garden Industry Victoria (NGIV) extends its congratulations to Wes Fleming, of Fleming’s Nurseries, landscape designer Philip Johnson, and the entire team for their well-deserved win.

‘The effort of the entire Fleming’s team has done a wonderful thing for the public profile of Australian horticulture. Wes’ tireless commitment to bringing Australian talent to the international arena over the last nine years has been phenomenal,’ said NGIV President David Howard.

‘This win at Chelsea is not just a win for Wes and his team, but a win for the horticultural sector at large. The magic of major international events such as this one is that it creates an opportunity for the public to engage with horticulture - and if media interest in this result is anything to go by, that’s already happening on a massive scale.’

Research indicates that public interest in sporting activities tends to rise following Australian success in major international events – sometimes known as the Olympic Effect. A similar effect is expected following the win at Chelsea.

‘Chelsea represents the ultimate achievement in the horticultural world, and we have no doubt that the media coverage that this success has generated will translate into a renewed interest in gardens and gardening,’ Mr Howard said.

‘At a time where people are increasingly concerned with the wellbeing of their families and children, horticulture provides a solution which improves the environment, and brings physical and mental benefits to our population.’

“Wes has been quick to point out the importance of urban greening both now and in the future, and that land policy planners put greenspace and access to plants as a central element in future urban development,’ Mr. Howard said.

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