Gardening – the only truly international profession

There are very few activities that cut across national and social barriers in the way that gardening does.  It does not matter which continent you live on, or in which climate zone you are gardening, the principles stay the same because plants are oblivious to who is cultivating them.  All the plants need are horticulturalists who are comprehensively trained. The broader the experience of the tutors, the more complete will be the students’ education.  At a very simple level, the language of plants is international and yet apolitical.  All botanist and gardeners speak the same language – Latin.

The current uncertainly about European borders, and trade tariffs might mean that the rules governing the movement of plants around the world are going to change.  This could result in concern that courses taken this year will be out of date by next summer.  If the law changes will this impact on our gardening courses?  The simple truth is that the content of good courses will not be out of date because well designed lessons teach the unchanging principles behind good gardening, and the biology that supports good gardening.

For example some legal changes are already proposed by the EU to stop potentially crippling diseases and pests entering the European economic zone.  What seem like draconian measures to some people in Europe have been place in many countries for many years.  One advantage of being an island, of any size, is that preventing the entry of new problems is easier that if the border between two countries is a fence, through which insects can fly and spores and seeds be blown.  An understanding of the dispersal of plants and animals is a piece of biological knowledge that will be relevant and important forever.  It is universally accepted that precaution and prevention are the best strategies for controlling the spread of pests and diseases.

In summary, no matter where you live and study, and no matter how much politicians may try to move the goal posts, the way we cultivate, and display plants will not change.  Gardening is therefore an international profession whose training needs are best served by international colleges.

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