Our Principal, John Mason, is now involved in the new Australian Garden Council – a new International Agency.

Graham Ross of the AGC said “The AGC board is humbled by the degree of support and numerous offers of assistance from an array of professionals and associations within the Australian and international gardening, landscaping and horticultural community.

The Australian Garden Council’s vision is to focus on increasing the profile, respect and recognition of gardening and to provide incentives to encourage greater participation toexpand the sector. The AGC wishes to establish greater connection with secondary andtertiary educational institutes to promote and enhance careers in the gardening and broad ornamental horticulture industry nationally as a field of interest and endeavour, and finally to increase the opportunities for Australian garden tourism to maximise venues, international visitation and subsequently increase employment at all levels of theprofession.

We would like to involve the entire gardening industry and government in establishing what is needed to allow this arena to thrive, how we can provide further incentives andinnovations, assist in developing more educational prospects, and to draw attention to the importance of nurturing this billion dollar industry to its full potential.

As we believe the AGC is an important platform to achieve these objectives, we will be organising events in 2016 and will extend an invitation to our affiliates to discuss our plans.

We are in the process of registering the legal entity of the AGC as a ‘not for profit’ charityorganisation, we hope to achieve this by the end of January 2016. The website is also under development and we hope to also release this is January 2016.

Additionally, the unexpected announcement to introduce the AGC in Canberra was due to the time constraints in us being able to secure entry on the federal political agenda beforethe end of the year. The reasoning for this was to ensure we were able to the request the necessary funding.”

Find out more information at gardencouncil.org

Or Mr Mason is happy to answer any questions. Please get in touch on [email protected]

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