Hibiscus as a Medicinal Plant


    by Harald Tietze Herbalist and Agricultural Scientist


Hibiscus is a wonderful plant, which flowers most of the year. Every day new fresh colourful flowers and dark green leaves makes it a very attractive plant in mild or tropical climate gardens.

I like Hibiscus not only because it is such a decorative plant but also for its healing properties.

The famous herbalist Sebastian Kneipp said that you find the plants for healing there, where you get the disease. When I travel to tropical countries, I always have problems with sinus and coughs for the first few days. Air-conditioned rooms and tropical heat outside is a change, which my body needs several days to adjust to. With the first signs of this problem I walk in back streets, and harvest Hibiscus flowers which are hanging in abundance over the fences. From every bush one flower only, so as not to upset the owners, but from dozens of gardens. After this little walk I feel great and have all the immune strength I need to do my work with pleasure.

The whole plant is used for healing.
Usually the root of hibiscus is used for coughs, colds and other infectious diseases. The leaves are emollient and aperient. They soften inflammation and are gently laxative. The flowers are also used for soothing internal and external wounds and sores. The petals of the flowers soothe and protect the alimentary tract and relieve inflammation and also lower body heat. In fevers, the infusion of the flower helps to reduce temperature.

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