Saintpaulia (African Violets) can be grown from leaf cuttings simply by retaining about 5cm or so of stem on each one.

Leaf cuttings can be taken during summer through to early autumn. 

  • Insert them into 6 to 10cm pots containing a suitable propagating mix such as equal parts by volume of sand or vermiculite/perlite and peat, or sand and coir (for a more environmentally friendly choice). 
  • Use flower sticks or wooden skewers to support them. 
  • Alternatively, leaf cuttings will also strike if placed in a jar of water. 
  • Support them by securing a piece of brown paper or hessian to the neck of the jar using an elastic band or twine, and make holes to insert the stems through. 
  • Place the cuttings in a greenhouse or propagating frame and maintain the temperature at about 18 to 21°C. 

The young plants should be potted on when they become too large for the original pots. 


Saintpaulias can also be grown from seeds. 

  • Sow the seeds in spring in trays or pots of equal parts by volume of peat (or coir), loam and sand. Once again, maintain temperatures at 18 to 21°C. 
  • Seedlings can be pricked out when large enough to handle without damaging them.
  • Place them in 6 to 10cm pots, and then once again pot them on when they outgrow their pots.      


African Violets are also sometimes propagated by dividing clumps (crown division); however this technique is a slow way of multiplying your plants.

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