Marsupial Biology and Management

Course CodeBEN303
Fee CodeS2
Duration (approx)100 hours
QualificationStatement of Attainment

Marsupials provide significant ecological roles through their habitat use and as grazers, browsers, frugivores and can substantially affect their ecosystems in a variety of ways.

  • Learn about different marsupial species and their characteristics
  • Understand their behaviour
  • Study how to conserver or manage them




Lesson Structure

There are 11 lessons in this course:

  1. Introduction
  2. Anatomy and Physiology
  3. Internal anatomy, physiology, and senses
  4. Behaviour
  5. Health & Disease
  6. Marsupial Carnivores
  7. The Diprotodontia -Kangaroos
  8. Other Diprotodontia
  9. Peramelemorphia
  10. Other Marsupials
  11. Marsupial Conservation and Management


  • Explain the likely origin of marsupials.
  • Explain classification of marsupials.
  • Identify common external anatomical features in marsupials.
  • Explain common and diverging characteristics in the internal biology of marsupials.
  • Discuss and compare behavioural characteristics in a number of different marsupials.
  • Describe health issues that affect marsupials.
  • Identify and describe the biology, behaviour and care of marsupial carnivores.

What You Will Do

  • Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the school, marked by the school's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.

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