Plant Management in Nurseries and Garden Centres (Short Course)

Course CodeSGH19
Fee CodeSG
Duration (approx)20 hours
QualificationCertificate of Completion

 This course covers the practical aspects of nursery production, assisting you in selecting appropriate plants to grow and sell, plant breeding,  importance of maintaining healthy stock, and selecting the appropriate growing media for your plants.



Lesson Structure

There are 6 lessons in this course:

  1. Propagation
    • Sexual propagation
    • Asexual propagation
    • Propagation efficiency
    • Practical exercise
    • Review what you have been learning
  2. Potting and Transplanting
    • Transplanting
    • Potting up plants
    • Growing on
    • In-ground production
    • Review what you have been learning
  3. Selecting and Managing Nursery Stock
    • Considering your stock options
    • Criteria for selecting plants
    • Developing a nursery stock list – an example
    • Nursery stocklist worksheet
    • Stock plants for production/propagation nurseries
    • Propagation material
    • Quarantine issues when selecting stock
    • Environmental weeds and plant selection
    • Managing plants in retail nuseries
    • Exercise: nursery inspection sheet
    • Holding stock
    • Plant modification
    • Making flowers out of season
    • Using light to modify plant growth
    • Examples of flowering control
    • Review what you have been learning
  4. Plant Breeding and Ownership
    • Genetic improvement of plants
    • Plant reproduction
    • Genetic variations
    • Male sterility
    • Genetics versus environment
    • Monohybrid and dihybrid crosses
    • Quantitative traits
    • Plant breeding programs
    • Hybrid seed production – an outline
    • Hybridising techniques
    • Micropropagation
    • Plant breeders’ rights/plants varieties rights and trademarks
    • Review what you have been learning
  5. Pest and Disease Management
    • Integrated pest management
    • Identifying the problem
    • Resistant plants
    • Hygiene
    • Cultural controls
    • Quarantine
    • Physical controls
    • Biological controls
    • Chemical controls
    • Minimising chemical use
    • Types of chemicals
    • A review of chemicals
    • Ways of applying chemicals
    • Weed control
    • Some chemicals and their modes of action
    • Noxious weeds
    • Using chemicals
    • Safe use of weed killers
    • Review what you have been learning
  6. Growing Media
    • Understanding soils
    • Soil testing and sampling
    • Improving soils
    • Potting mixes
    • Propagation media
    • The nutrient elements
    • Nutrition management
    • Review what you have been learning
    • Final assessment

How does this course work?

You can enrol at any time.
Once you have paid for the course, you will be able to start straight away.
Study when and where you like. Work through at your own pace.

You can download your study-guide to your smart phone, tablet or laptop to read offline.

There are automated self-assessment tests you can complete at the end of each lesson. You can attempt these as many times as you wish and each time, upon completion, you can see your results. You will need internet access to complete the self assessment tests.

At the end of the course, you are presented with a large assessment which can be attempted online, anywhere, anytime. If you achieve a 60% pass in the exam; you immediately receive a downloadable certificate of completion with your name on it. If you do not achieve a 60% pass rate, you can contact us to re-sit your exam. ( email- admin@acs.edu.au )