Qualification - Diploma In Horticulture (By Mentoring)

Course CodeHt0EX
Fee CodeAC
Duration (approx)300 hours

A Diploma Level Course Through Mentoring and Examination

Applicants must satisfy one of the following:
* At least 8 years industry experience
* Passed year 12 exams plus at least 5 years industry experience
* An approved certificate plus at least 3 years industry experience
* A relevant degree plus 3 years relevant experience

There are four stages to this diploma program:

1. Registration - submit a resume' with initial registration fee and enrolment fee
2. Preliminary Examination - You are sent an unsupervised exam to do. The school makes a detailed assessment and recommends what preparation is needed for exams.
3. Preparation for exams - 2nd and Final fee due at this stage
4. Examinations - Five two hour written exams plus one 2 hour practical exam are sat.
The written exams can be conducted anywhere in Australia. The practical exams can be arranged in most centres.
Exams are in the following areas;
  • horticultural practices,
  • plantsmanship - plant knowledge,
  • horticultural technology,
  • horticultural science,
  • horticultural management,
  • practical horticultural skills.
NOTE: Course duration may be 300 hrs on average; but for some, highly experienced people it can be less; and for others, it may be a lot more.


If you have a background in horticulture but lack formal qualifications - this course will help you to gain those qualifications with the guidance of qualified tutors (with extensive industry experience).