Workshop III

Course CodeBGN302
Fee CodeS3
Duration (approx)100 hours
QualificationStatement of Attainment
Develop your ability to plan, implement and assess management strategies, applicable to your industry sector.

Lesson Structure

There are 3 lessons in this course:

  1. Evaluating Workplace Efficiency
  2. Human Resources Supervision
  3. Plan Workplace Projects –cyclical or finite.


  • Identify efficiency problems that occur in the production process at a workplace, develop efficiency improving procedures, and follow up and improvements’ assessing procedures.
  • Demonstrate skills in supervising the performance of team work and individual workers to attain appropriate performance standards.
  • Demonstrate skills in staff and teams motivation.
  • Demonstrate skills in workplace project planning, either cyclical or finite.

By using tried and proven educational techniques combined with modern technology; it is possible for you to be guided through a series of learning experiences by our academic staff; to achieve the same general outcomes that would normally be achieved in attended workshops.

PBL projects have been developed in a way that satisfies the requirements set down by the curriculum documentation for these modules; but also in a way that can be achieved from wherever you live, without travelling to attend face to face workshops.