Garden Machinery Technician

The complexity of garden machinery varies from the wheel barrow, where a squeaky wheel or a puncture will be the biggest problem, to a ride-on lawn mower with the complexity of a small car.  Understanding plants and machinery often appear to be mutually exclusive human skills.  While a good gardener can bring back a plant from near extinction, resetting a spark plug will be beyond them.  The reverse is also true, and the mechanic who can strip down and rebuild a carburettor, is often unable to take a softwood cutting.   The only situation where they do seem to go hand-in-hand is in arboriculture, where tree surgeons often do know their way around their chainsaws.

Many gardeners build a close working relationship with a good, local, reliable garden machinery expert because when your machinery breaks down, the loss of income, or just waste of time is extremely frustrating.  Garden machinery mechanics need to be a skilful mechanic first and foremost, but if they can also have a clear understanding of what the machinery has to do, then they are able to advise on purchases.  From this can develop not only a successful repair business but also a flourishing retail outlet.

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