Seedling Suppliers

Where They Work

People working in this industry usually work in wholesale nurseries supplying seedlings as plugs in large trays. Most of the punnets of vegetable and flower seedlings we see for sale at local nurseries or hardware stores have their beginnings at a seedling nursery. Seedling production is not limited to vegetable and flower production, many nurseries produce seedlings which are pricked out and grown on as plugs or tube stock, which are then distributed along the chain for growing on or are used for revegetation.

Some nurseries contract grows their seedlings for vegetable and flower growers, others contract grow seedlings for revegetation and regeneration sites.

What They Do

While this industry has a component of mechanisation, skilled staff are required to operate the machines and perform many of the practical and manual tasks. The work may also involve working in structures such as shade or green houses to working out side where seedlings are being hardened off in the full sun. From the beginning to the end staff are required to nurture the young plants.  Plants such as vegetable and flower seedlings can be turned over very quickly, while others such as trees and shrubs require more time. 

What is Needed

Trained staff are required to ensure quotas are met and that a very good quality product is offered as an end result. Even from an entry level staff should have good knowledge of plant identification and understand the basic principles which are required for a plant to grow.


Many opportunities are available for people wishing to pursue a career in this industry, especially in and around areas associated with horticultural and agricultural production.  Large nurseries supply many thousands of seedlings which are distributed to local growers who transfer the plugs directly to the prepared beds.

The resource industry plants out seedlings to revegetate land which has been reclaimed after a mining operation. Most of these plants are endemic to the local area with plugs or tube stock used for revegetation.



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