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A lawn is seen by many people as an essential part of a garden.  It can be used for sunbathing, for playing football, or as groundcover under trees.  The lawn can be a thing of beauty in its own right.  If it is kept weed free and cut and striped, it is just as beautiful as a flower border.  Irrespective of why the lawn was sown or laid in the first place, it must be looked after properly if the garden is to look good.  No matter how much time you spend designing, planting and caring for your ornamental borders, if the lawn is unkempt and the edges are shaggy, then the rest of the garden will suffer by association.  The person who cuts the lawn can rightly claim to be the most important member of the team!

However, while the lawn is seen as important, many gardeners cannot get enthusiastic about the lawn.  This may be because it cannot be ignored for even a few days in the height of the growing season.  For this reason, some people resort to artificial plastic turf, and although this is getting better & better every year, it still looks artificial.  Also, as gardeners get older, they can find handling heavy machinery more difficult.  For all of these reasons, there is an increasing number of people offering a regular lawn mowing service.  

These lawn contractors provide a very important service.  However, it is more than cutting the grass.  Often there is weedkilling, repairing and reseeding, and levelling.  There are career opportunities either by joining an established company or setting up your own local service.  The latter can quickly grow as clients ask you to take on more different work.  Lawn care can be the start of a much wider range of work if you want.

Does work in lawn care interest you?  Are you looking for a business that you can develop and expand upon as your knowledge grows?

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