Turf Contractor

A lawn is seen by many people as an essential part of a garden.  It can be used for sunbathing, for play, for groundcover under trees or as a green garden space within a colourful garden. If lawn is kept beautifully maintained and mown it is just as beautiful as a flower border.  Irrespective of why the lawn was sown or laid, to look good all the time, it must be looked after. Time spent on design and plant care amounts to nothing if the lawns are unkempt. Lawn contractors are important in maintaining great quality lawns.

What They Do

Lawns are high maintenance they need constant mowing, weeding, feeding and watering to look good. As a result contractors can offer a range of lawn care services other than mowing.  These lawn contractors provide a very important service.  However, it is more than cutting the grass -  often there is weedkilling, repairing and reseeding, and levelling. Some lawns need scarifying (thatch removal) as well. You need to know the species of grass you are dealing with, the preferred cutting height and when you should cut lower or higher (depending on the seasons).

Where They Work

Contractors can work in a variety of situations:

  • Domestic lawns
  • Commercial lawns
  • Public spaces such as parks and gardens
  • For public institutions such as schools, hospitals etc
  • Road side slashing

What is Needed

To offer a range of lawn care tasks you will need to have a sound knowledge of:

  • Soils
  • Turf species
  • Turf mowing techniques
  • Turf pests and diseases
  • Weeds and appropriate removal techniques
  • Thatch removal


Many people today no longer want to spend their free time mowing and caring for lawns - but they still like to have them. These people outsource these tasks to contractors. As gardeners get older, they can find handling heavy machinery more difficult.  For all of these reasons, there is an increasing number of people offering a regular lawn mowing and care service.  

There are career opportunities either by joining an established company or setting up your own local service.  The latter can quickly grow as clients ask you to take on more different work.  Lawn care can be the start of a much wider range of work if you want.

Does work in lawn care interest you?  Are you looking for a business that you can develop and expand upon as your knowledge grows?

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