Turf Renovator

What They Do

Turf renovators are responsible for rejuvenating, repairing, laying turf and maintaining areas of turf such as sporting fields, golf courses, public parks and private residences. They use a variety of machines to maintain and repair/rejuvenate turf areas. An example of some of the machines used are, scarifiers, corers, leveling equipment, tractors, and turf cutters.   Other duties will include being responsible for fertiliser and weed eradication programs, preparing and laying new turf, and some other horticulture work.

Where They Work

Most turf renovators will work on sporting fields, sometimes at the end of a sporting season preparing it for the next season, renovating large turf areas such as fairways on golf courses as some examples.   With the number of sporting fields and open spaces used by the public, the large areas of turf in our communities require regular maintenance to keep these areas well maintained and aesthetically pleasing.

What is needed

Turf renovators need to have a very good knowledge of the different types of turf species which are used in different climate zones. As well as having this knowledge, they will also need a good knowledge of the different chemicals to use, implement fertilising programs, plan and schedule maintenance programs and do consultancy work.


Opportunities are available for those wanting to expand their landscape maintenance business to include the next level of turf maintenance. Many local councils employ groundsman/ turf specialists to maintain and renovate public parks.  Golf courses have large areas of turf with areas such as fairways, tees and greens which all require ongoing maintenance and usually they renovate all areas annually at the start of the growing season.

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