FAQs  -Common Questions Answered


Q. If I do a shorter course first can I get credits towards a certificate or diploma later?
A. Yes. We assess previous studies to give you appropriate credits -the overall cost of a certificate or diploma may end up higher; but studies in a short course are never wasted.

Q. When can I start my course?
A. Anytime -people start and finish all year round 

Q. I live in another country. Is that a problem?
A. No! Our students come from over 120 countries. We have offices in both Australia and England. We are affiliated with colleges in 5 different countries.

Q. Can I pay in instalments?
A. Yes, however full payment up front is a lower total fee.

Q. Do we get a discount if two of us enrol together?
A. You can claim a 5% discount on fees if you both enrol in courses at the same time.

Q. Do we get a discount if we enrol in a second course.
A. Yes, you can claim a 5% fee discount when you enrol in a second course.
(This does not apply however to the second stage or part of the same certificate or diploma.)

Q. What happens if I have to stop studying for a while?
A. Apply for an extension. It's OK to take a break and start up your study at a later point in time. Just inform us..

Q. Do I need any extra books?
A. No -We supply everything needed -You may need to use a library or the internet for research at times; but if you ever have difficulty with finding information, we will help find an achievable solution. We have a large library and a team of 40 academics to support you. We write & publish ebooks to compliment our courses, and where needed these can reliably be supplied to compliment your studies.

Q. How do I contact my tutor?
A.  Email, phone, write, fax the school (or if close enough you can arrange an appointment with a tutor). Leave a message if your tutor isn't available and they will phone, write or fax back; whatever suits you. We aim to answer all student queries within 8 working hours of when they are received.

Q. How long does a shorter course (ie. 80-120hrs) take to complete?
A. Commonly no more than one year. Some students finish as little as three months.

Q. How long does a certificate take to complete?
A. Commonly around 6-18 months, if studying full time; or around two years if studying part time. With dedication, part time students can complete a certificate in one year.

Q. Do you offer Degrees?
A. We have affiliated colleges that can offer credits in a whole range of qualifications, including degrees. 

Many other courses are written to and delivered at a standard that is equal to or higher than degrees offered by some institutions. You should contact our UK school to find out about degree possibilities [email protected]

Our graduates have nevertheless been highly competitive with degree graduates in the workplace.

Q. How does recognition of the school compare with other colleges?
A. Overall exceptionally well in horticulture and related disciplines.

We are internationally recognised by the International Accreditation and Recognition Council (IARC).  In addition, in many respects we are more widely recognised, due to the fact that we have been established and trained students for many decades and across many countries. Close involvement with industry has seen many employers sponsor staff through our courses, and many graduates develop strong careers as leaders in their respective industries.

Q. Why should I choose to Study Horticulture with ACS?
A. We have unique resources and services that other colleges don't offer.

  • Our study notes are written to be relevant to any country or culture
  • We offer courses with a clear and stronger focus on learning (while other colleges often focus more on assessment and certification than actually improving your capacity to know and do things)
  • We are more reliable - our course notes, supplementary reading and even course delivery software is developed and owned by the school; so we are not depending on external suppliers to provide you with what you require to do your course.
  •  Our Our staff include world leaders in their fields, and unlike many colleges, we provide unlimited access for students to communicate with these expert, professional horticulturists over the phone or by email.
  • We don't limit access to support from tutors - this is rare in education today

A great variety of additional support services are available. Also, courses are being continually updated and expanded. ACS has been unique in horticultural education since 1979 and offers a wider variety of courses than almost any other horticultural college in the world.

Here are just a few of the many unsolicited comments we've received:

"Having completed the Advanced Hydroponics Course I have since gone on to open my own successful hydroponics retail shop, now in it's third year of trading."

"Thanks for the tips you gave me on the journalist job....I was given the job of writing an article....the experience was great, and at least I will be published for the first time."
Gavin, studying Journalism.

"I complement you on the quality of the course. It has helped me immensely, already, in my job with the local council's parks & gardens department."
Lester , studying Certificate in Horticulture-Landscaping.

"This course was one of the best."
Rhonda, studying Garden Centre Management.

"Clients...that have completed courses with The Australian Correspondence Schools that we have spoken to, have all been extremely happy. Leanne & myself are more than happy with the assistance we receive and the prompt attention."
Dynamic Workforce Solutions 

"I wanted to study herbs but I could not find a course at my closest TAFE, and travelling to Adelaide each day was not practical. The Australian Correspondence School offered the best option - study at home, at my own pace and still tutor contact when I needed it. I was undecided in the facet of herbs that I wanted to specialise in - that was until I completed an assignment to produce three herbal products. My tutor tested my products and encouraged me to set up a small business making and distributing a range of natural herbal cosmetic and household products. His guidance has helped me establish an interesting and profitable business from my studies."
Catherine, studying Certificate in Applied Management.

Q*. How do your diplomas compare with other colleges?
A. In the past, accredited diplomas at most colleges involved well over 2000 hours of study, however, governments have often downgraded courses over recent decades -we have not. 

As such, our certificates and diplomas are often longer and more involved than what you find elsewhere -but by maintaining high standards, we have retained a very solid reputation both with academics and business people, internationally; and as a result, our graduates do exceedingly well.

Q. How do I do workshops if I reside outside the country?
A. If your course requires attendance at workshops; alternative arrangements can be made in your country; however there may be additional expense. We can appoint an appropriately qualified person anywhere to work through curriculum documentation supplied by us, to satisfy the requirements set down in a course.


"We aim to develop a stronger theoretical foundation than many other vocational colleges; but at the same time more interaction with the real world than what is often found at universities. In this way; we view our role as providing a level of training that is between university and vocational(ie.Polytechnic, TAFE or Community College). This approach puts graduates in a better position to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing world than either traditional university or vocational education."
"Our courses are different to the standard courses run by the vast majority of universities and colleges. This gives our graduates a different mix of knowledge and skills: and that makes them more competitive than graduates from standard courses such as Australia's Training Packages."
"We do not depend on public funding (unlike most colleges and universities); so the quality of our service does not deteriorate when government funding comes under pressure."
"We maintain uncompromising standards of service and student support which are increasingly being degraded in many other colleges"


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