Acer pseudoplatanus


Sycamore Maple

Deciduous tree 10-15m. Palmate leaves. Insignificant flowers. Fruit are two winged samara. Grey, scaly bark.


Ornamental tree suitable for parks or as street tree.

Is weedy and a declared environmental weed in some parts of the world (e.g. Australia)


Prefers cool, moist conditions in full sun. Grow in acid to neutral, well-drained, fertile soil.


Propagate by seed - cultivars are grafted.


Numerous cultivars available including:

'Atropurpureum': Dark green leaves with a reddish purple underside; grows to 20m tall (suited to coastal situations).

'Brilliantissimum': Small tree to 4m by 4m with a rounded crown; leaves are brilliant pink turning yellow and green.

'Pendulum': A weeping variety grown mainly in the UK.



Plant Health

Not bothered by pests but stem and branch canker can be a problem.

More info

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