Aesculus hippocastanum


Horse Chestnut

Deciduous tree with spreading habit. 15-20m high by 15-20m wide. Compound palmate leaves with rough texture turn yellow/orange in autumn. Flowers are upright white panicles. Fruit are prickly green capsules containing shining brown nut.


Suitable as specimen tree or in parkland. Edible nut used for medicinal purposes.


Suitable for sun or semi-shade, it prefers fertile, well-drained soils in sheltered position. Drought and frost tolerant.


Propagate by seed or grafting.


'Baumanii': double, white, sterile flowers.

'Lanciata': Interesting deeply divided leaves; 8m by 6m.

Plant Health

May be prone to Horse Chestnut Scale and Leaf Miners, Canker and Leaf Spot.

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