Mespilus germanica



Mespilus species are small, deciduous spiny plants producing fruits to around 5cm diameter.

The medlar is a small tree, 4 to 6 metres tall and up to 8 metres in diameter.

Flowers are self fertile (no cross pollination is needed). Greenish fruits develop and as they ripen change to an orange to brownich colour.



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Frost hardy, tolerates most soils. Prefers full sun; but is also prone to breaking in wind due to brittle wood; so often sunlight is compromised to ensure some wind protection when selecting a site. Pruning is not too important, except to remove dead or diseased wood, or wood you feel might be likely to break in a wind.


Propagate by budding or grafting onto medlar, quince or (occasionally) cretagus rootstocks.


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Plant Health

Pests and diseases are not a great problem.

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