Peruvian Lily, Lily of the Incas

They have glaucous, lanceolate twisted leaves and large summer bugle-shaped flowers in red, pink, cream or yellow, sometimes streaked and spotted in contrasting colours.


Mixed border plantings, conservatory and greenhouse plants, or cut flowers.


Some species are hardy but others are half hardy and require protection from cold and frosts in cooler climates. They do well in any soils so long as they are fertile and well-drained. They require a sheltered spot and do not respond well to being moved.


They may be divided in spring or grown from seeds.


A range of both species and named varieties are cultivated in gardens, including:

A. aurantiaca - to 90cm tall. Flowers to 5cm long in yellow to orange-red.

A. ligtu - to 60cm tall. Flowers to 5cm long in shades of pink to purple with purple stripes.

Plant Health

They are prone to attacks from slugs and some caterpillars. A viral disease may cause plants to become distorted and discoloured.

More info

Originating in South America, there are some 50 or more species.