Cluster Lily

They have thin strap-shaped green leaves and leafless stems which bear star-shaped or tubular flowers.


They make good greenhouse or conservatory plants, container plants, or border plants in sheltered spots.


Most are frost-hardy but prefer a sheltered site in full sun. They do well in free-draining soil.  Water lightly before growth appears and then regularly thereafter. Allow to dry after flowering. Potted plants can be stored in a warm, dry location over winter and re-potted the following summer.


May be propagated from division every two to three years or offsets when planting. Otherwise, seeds can be sown in spring but take several years to reach flowering maturity.  


Cultivars include:

B. californica - to 75cm tall. They have blue-purple tubular summer flowers with many flowers in an umbel.
B. coronaria (syn. B. grandiflora, syn. Hookera coronaria) - to 45cm tall. They produce blue-purple star-shaped flowers in late spring to summer.  
B. laxa (syn. Triteleia laxa) - to 60cm tall. They have blue-purple broad tubular summer flowers to 3.5cm wide. 
B. laxa 'Corrina' - has deep violet flowers.
B. laxa 'Queen Fabiola' - has light blue flowers.  

Plant Health

There are few notable pest or disease problems.

More info

There are around 40 species of these bulbous and cormous plants which come from both North and South America, chiefly the West Coast.

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