Autumn Crocus, Naked Ladies

They are similar to crocuses having flowers without stems which grow straight out of the corms. The flower stalk itself is really an extension of the petals. Most produce flowers in autumn. The leaves, which mostly follow the flowers, are produced in spring and are usually mid to dark green, glossy and lanceolate.


Meadow gardens, woodland gardens, massed planting, or border plants.


Grow in most well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. They look impressive when grown in clumps to provide splashes of colour.    




Cultivars include:

C. byzantinum - to 32cm tall. This is possibly a hybrid with pale pink flowers 10-12cm long, followed by folded leaves to 10cm wide. It is a reliable garden form.

C. luteum - flowers to 10cm tall. The leaves are 25-30cm and appear with the flowers but grow to maximum height after the flowers have finished.

C. melanthioides - a tropical species which produces white flowers and leaves at the same time.

C. speciosum - mauve flowers to 15cm tall followed by leaves to 35cm high. 


Plant Health

They are hardy plants with the exception of tropical species and are nor prone to any specific diseases. Sometimes they are attacked by slugs.  

More info

This genus is widespread originating in Western Asia, Europe, and East Africa down to South Africa. There are somewhere between 65 and 160 recognised species. 


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