Crinum Lily, Spider Lily

They have long, basal, green, strap-shaped leaves and showy trumpet-shaped flowers borne on leafless stems. 


Greenhouse plants in cool temperate regions, or border plants in sheltered spots in warmer temperate regions and hotter climates. 


They prefer a rich well-drained soil in a sunny position with shelter from cold winds. Apply mulch to protect roots from frosts. Water them during the growing season. Greenhouse containerised plants may be taken outdoors in summer in cooler climates. 


Offsets may be separated and grown in individual pots in spring. They will take several years to flower. Otherwise, grow from seeds when ripe and maintain temperature of 21°C. Seedlings require 16°C to flourish. They generally take longer to flower than offsets. 


Cultivars include:

C. bulbispermum - to 45cm high with evergreen leaves and open white flowers sometimes with a red tinge.

C. moorei - to 60cm high with evergreen lanceolate leaves and clusters of up to ten flowers per stalk with white and pink petals. 

Plant Health

They are troubled by few diseases but mites are a possible pest problem.

More info

Estimates vary of between 100 and 180 species which are native to tropical and subtropical regions around the world.


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