Day Lily


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They are clump-forming with strap-shaped pale green leaves. The trumpet-shaped lily-like flowers which last for one day appear in the morning and wither overnight, though in a few species the flowers appear over-night. There are thousands of cultivars many of which have fragrant flowers.


Border plants, alpine plants, rockery plants, cottage garden plants.


These plants prefer a rich soil in full sun to part shade. Generally, those with darker coloured flowers require some shade but brighter flowering types need more sun.  They do not like to be disturbed once planted. After flowering, stems should be cut back to ground level.


This is best done by dividing plants in autumn through to early spring.


There are lots of cultivars, including: 

H. fulva (Orange Day Lily) - to 1m tall. These have orange-red summer flowers with a peach-coloured tinge to 5cm wide.

H. 'Pink Prelude' - to 1m tall. These produce pink summer flowers to 18cm wide with yellow stamens.


Plant Health

There are no major pests or diseases of note; though chewing insects sometimes attack.

More info

There are around 18 species of these plants which come from Europe and Asia.