Barbados Lily, Amaryllis

They are similar in appearance to amaryllis, and were formerly classified under amaryllis, but they are not as hardy. They have strap-shaped green leaves and bear trumpet to funnel-shaped flowers.  


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These plants prefer shade to part shade. Plant in free-draining soils enriched with organic matter. In temperate climates they need to be grown in a greenhouse. Summer flowering species should be planted in early spring and watered and fed regularly. After flowering, ease off watering for several months. Winter and spring flowering bulbs may be planted in autumn. 


They may be grown from seeds though hybrids rarely grow true to type. Seeds should be planted in early spring and need to be kept moist and warm until they have germinated.


There are around 90 species and hundreds of cultivars of these plants.

H. aulicum - to 45cm. These are winter flowering with red flowers to 15cm long with a green base and purplish blotch.

H. reticulatum - to 60cm tall. These plants have white stripes on the leaves and pink striped flowers to 10cm long.


Plant Health

They are sometimes prone to physiological disorders causing dark blotches usually as a result of poor cultural conditions. Tomato spotted wilt virus may cause white or yellow spots and cause overall leaf yellowing. Tarsonamid mites may feed between the scales. Mealy bugs may affect leaves or bulbs. Thrip and red spider mites can be problematic.  

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Come from tropical and subtropical regions of Central and South America.

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