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Grevilleas include shrubs trees and grouynd covers of varying sizes. Most are shrubs. Flower colours and size varies greatly from species to species, and foliage shape and colour is also highly variable. Many are showy, and cultivated around the world.


Suited to small gardens. Plant in front of larger shrubs or where groundcover is required. Performs well in a large pot. Attracts nectar feeding birds.


You can find cultivars to suit most climates and other conditions.

Most prefer full sun or part shade. Adaptable to most soils. Frost tolerant. Can be pruned quite heavily if required. Apply low-phosphorous fertilizer after pruning to promote new growth and more flowers. Propagate by cuttings.




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Sooty mould

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Book: ‘The Native Plant Expert’ by John Mason is available through Videos: ‘Australian Native Plants’ and ‘Australian Native Flowering Plants’ produced by Australian Correspondence Schools available through Courses on Australian Natives and Landscape Design are available through Australian Correspondence Schools, see

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