Chamaecyparis lawsoniana


False Cypress, Port Orford Cedar

Evergreen, narrowly conical, monoecious conifer tree, growing between 20-50m, some cultivars are much shorter (even dwarf types growing as shrubs rather than trees). Height and shape depends upon the variety and growing conditions.

Bark is thick, brown, fibrous and ridged. Leaves are typically blue-green to deep green (but vary with different cultivars), arranged vertically. Leaves also feature glaucous undersides and a transluscent 'window' near the leaf tip. Female cones are small, globular and bluish. There are dozens of named cultivars, including dwarf varieties and varieties featuring golden, lime green and blue-grey foliage.


Ornamental tree suitable for larger gardens and parks. Some varieties are suitable for smaller gardens or as a hedge.


Preferring full sun and a sheltered position in a cool, moist climate, they grow best in deep, fertile and well-drained soil. They are frost tolerant, but sensitive to hot conditions and salt winds. Can be lightly pruned, but avoid cutting into old wood. Propagate from seed or cuttings.


Semi hardwood cuttings, strike better with IBA (hormone) treatment


Many different and variable cultivars.

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