Ginkgo biloba


Maidenhair Tree

Known as a 'living fossil', it is the only surviving member of its plant genus, family and order. Deciduous and monoecious upright tree 25-30m high. Foliage is lime green, deeply veined and broadly triangular with a deep central lobe, turning gold-yellow in autumn. Male trees bear pollen sacs in small spikes. Feamle trees bear large kernels surrounded by an oily flesh.


Ornamental tree suitable for larger gardens and parks. Leaves are used for herbal medicines. Preferable to plant male trees in public gardens and parks as females drop smelly fruits, however the seeds are edible.


Suitable for full sun or part shade in temperate climates. Prefers fertile, deep soil. Tolerates drought and air pollution, but requires protection from strong winds. Propagate by cuttings in autumn, or seed.


Hardwood cuttings


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