Larix decidua


European Larch

Deciduous conifer tree with widely spaced, weeping branches and a graceful weeping habit. Grows up to 25m high, however dimensions of 10m high by 4m wide are more common in cultivation. Bark is red-brown, becoming scaly and fissured with age. Leaves are short, bright green needles, that are feathery when young, turning orange-yellow in the autumn. Upright ovoid cones are red when young, becoming dark brown with maturity.


Ornamental tree suitable for larger gardens and parks. Commonly grown as as a forestry tree.


Requires full sun and a cool climate, preferring a deep, well-drained, gravelly soil. Tolerates frost, but sensitive to shade and waterlogging. Avoid pruning. Propagate by seed. Susceptible to larch canker and larch aphids.


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Book: ‘Growing Conifers’ by John Mason is available through Courses on Conifers and Landscape Design are available through Australian Correspondence Schools, see

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