Pinus sylvetris


Scots Pine

Fast-growing evergreen conifer tree to 30m high. There are also cultivars that grow much smaller.

Deeply-fissured, orange-red bark. Branches attached to the main trunk in whorls.

Leaves are commonly blue-green needles to 8cm long, attached in pairs; but other foiliage colours can be found in different cultivars.

Female cones are ovoid, dull brown and 4cm long. Dwarf varieties are suitable for smaller gardens.


Ornamental tree suitable for larger gardens, parks and as a windbreak. Dwarf forms are suitable for rock gardens and pots. Valuable forestry tree, particularly on sandy soils.


Prefers full sun, a cool climate and moist soil. Tolerates frost and strong winds, but sensitive to drought. Propagate by seed.


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Book: ‘Growing Conifers’ by John Mason is available through Courses on Conifers and Landscape Design are available through Australian Correspondence Schools, see

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