Pinus nigra


Corsican Pine, Austrian Black Pine

Evergree conifer tree approx 30m high, less in cultivation. P. nigra ssp.laricio (Corsican Pine) has a conical habit when young, flattening with age and has rough, dark brown and deeply-fissured bark. The leaves are blue-green. P. nigra ssp.nigra (Austrian Pine) has an open conical habit and white brown bark, with branches in whorls. The leaves are dark green and tend to occur at the end of branches. The needle-like leaves of both sub-species are arranged in pairs, approx 10-15cm long. Female cones are ovoid, yellow-brown and approx 8cm long.


Ornamental tree suitable for parks and large gardens. It is also harvested for its timber.


Grow in full sun in a cool or temperate climate. Prefers fertile, well-drained soil, but will grow in infertile and coarse soils. Tolerates frost and strong winds. Avoid disturbing the soil after planting. Propagate by cuttings.


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