Pseudotsuga menziesii


Douglas Fir, Oregon Pine

Very tall, evergreen, pyramidal conifer tree up to 90m high. The cylindrical trunk has dark red-brown and cork-like bark. The branch tips curve upwards, forming red buds in winter. Leaves are soft, fragrant, blue-green needles with two white bands on the underside, growing to 3cm long. Cones are up to 10cm long, pendulous and appear after the plant is twenty years old. Specimens can live up to 400 years.


Ornamental tree suitable only where there is sufficient growing space and a cool climate. The timber is an important resource in North America.


Requires full sun and an uncrowded position to achieve its true form. Soil conditions should be well-drained, but moist. It prefers cool climates and is very frost tolerant. Propagate by seed. Susceptible to cankers, blights and rust. Pests include aphids and scale.


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Book: ‘Growing Conifers’ by John Mason is available through Courses on Conifers and Landscape Design are available through Australian Correspondence Schools, see

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