Akebia quinata


Chocolate Vine, Five-Leaf Akebia

Fast-growing, semi-deciduous and monoecious woody climber growing to 10m high by 6m wide. Leaves are dark green with pale undersides, comprising five elliptic shaped and stalked leaflets. Flowers are purple-mauve, occurring in early spring. Where male and female plants are present, it forms grey-purple 8cm long edible fruits.


Ornamental climber that requires a strong support.


Suitable for full sun or semi-shade, it prefers fertile and well-drained soil in a cool situation. Resistant to frost. Can be trained as a climber and should be pruned after flowering.


Propagate by seed, layering or cuttings in spring.


'Amethyst Glow': Deep amethyst coloured leaves.

'Rosea': Pink flowered variety.

'Shiro-Bana': Pale yellow/white flowers.

'Silver Bells': Pink and reddish/purple flowers.

'Variegata': Variegated dark green and white leaves with a blue underside.

Plant Health

Generally pest and disease free.

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