Arbutus unedo


Irish Strawberry Tree

Small to medium evergreen tree, grows to 6m tall, with a dense spreading crown and dark green leathery leaves. Usually has a single main trunk but is sometimes multi-trunked with attractive smooth reddish and flaking bark. Bears attractive yellow-orange fruits.


Attractive specimen tree for small gardens; attractive bark and strawberry-like fruits are the main features.


Adaptable small tree; prefers full sun and well-drained, neutral to acid soil. Tolerates cold conditions and heavy frost. Can be pruned to keep it compact.


Cuttings, aerial layering, seeds.


Several available including:

'Compacta': Lovely 3m tall dense shrub with interest in the leaves, bark and fruit.

'Elfin King': Small variety to 3m tall.


Plant Health

Scale, thrip, arbutus leaf spot.

More info

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