Alchemilla mollis


Lady's mantle

This low-growing perennial is ideal for ground cover, the front of borders or for rock gardens. It is clump forming, growing to a height and spread of about 40cm. It has decorative, wavy-edged leaves which hold dew or raindrops, giving a sparkling effect. Masses of small sprays of greenish yellow flowers are borne in summer.


Very effective when grown around ponds or water gardens.


This plant is very hardy and easily grown in any well-drained soil. Plants may be grown in full sun, but benefit from afternoon shade in warm areas, as the foliage will deteriorate in the summer heat.


Propagate from seed or division in late winter to early spring.


'Auslese: A vigorous variety.

'Irish Silk': A long stemmed larger flowered variety.

'Robustica': Used in the cut flower industry.




Plant Health

Generally pest and disease free.

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