Banksia ericifolia


Heath Banksia

Evergreen tall bushy shrub or small tree, 5-6m tall and 4m wide. Short (up to 2 cm long) bright green spiky leaves and showy, tall (30cm x 6-7cm, yellow-orange cylinder-shaped flower spikes through winter.


Attractive shrub or tree for small gardens; popular in Australian native gardens. Makes a good informal hedge or screen. Flowers are very attractive to nectar-feeding birds.


Hardy and adaptable plant, prefers sunny position and well-drained soil. Adapted to soils with low fertility. Grows best in temperate areas. Tolerates light frosts and coastal conditions. Light pruning only.


Propagates easily from seed - cuttings may take some time to strike.


'Giant Candles' is thought to be a hybrid with B.ericifolia and B. spinulosa.

'Little Eric': A dwarf variety.

'Orange Glow': Bright orange flowers displayed well above the foliage.

'Red Rover': An upright shrub of medium growth and density (it is more open in habit compared to other similar sized Banksias)
Foliage is lime green. The flowers are bronze to terracotta-red and cylindrical appearing in autumn and winter.

Plant Health

Highly susceptible to Cinnamon Fungus (Phytopthera cinnamomi).

More info

Book: ‘The Native Plant Expert’ by John Mason is available through Video: ‘Australian Native Flowering Plants’ produced by Australian Correspondence Schools available through Courses on Australian Natives and Landscape Design are available through Australian Correspondence Schools, see

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