Begonia semperflorens


Wax Begonia

Evergreen perennial shrub, with soft, succulent stems growing to approx 30cm high, depending upon the variety. Leaves are rounded, glossy and either green, bronze or variegated to 5cm long. The flowers are prolific and include singles and doubles in various shades of pink, white and red.


Ornamental flowering shrub, often grown as an annual. Suitable for garden beds, pots and as a bedding plant.


Suitable for full sun or part-shade in a mild or warm climate. Prefers well-drained soil. Frost sensitive. Remove growing tips to encourage bushy growth.


Propagate by cuttings or division.


Many varieties available.

Plant Health

Vine weevils, mites, root mealybugs, thrips,  green looper caterpillar and sciarid flies; diseases include - mildew and botrytis

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