Argyranthemum frutescens


Marguerite daisy

Also known as Chrysanthemum frutescens. Rounded shrub growing to 1m high and wide. Leaves are deeply cut and light green. Flowers are daisy-like, with white rays and yellow centres. There are numerous varieties featuring white, yellow and pink flowers and various leaf shapes.


Ornamental sub-shrub suitable for cottage gardens, rockeries and garden beds.


Prefers full sun, well-drained soil and a temperate climate. Tolerates coastal conditions. Frost sensitive. Prune to promote new growth.


Propagate by cuttings.


Many varieties in a range of colours: white, yellow, cream,pink and purples; also available with a more compact growth habit. 

A. frutescens subsp. canariae: evergreen sub-shrub to 60cm, leaves are dull grey-green flowers, appearing over a long period, are large white daises with a yellow centre.




Plant Health

Generally pest and disease free but may be prone to fungal disease in humid, overcrowded conditions.

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