Codiaeum variegatum



Evergree, upright small tree growing up to 2.5m, in suitable conditions, usually much less. The leaves are leathery, glossy and hugely variable, depending upon the variety. Leaf shapes vary from broadly ovate to narrowly linear. Leaf colours range from red, pink, green, orange and yellow, with variegations appearing on the margins, veins and midribs. Insignificant flowers.


Grown for its spectacular foliage, Croton is suitable for tropical gardens and as an indoor plant in milder regions.


Suitable for full sun or part shade in warm and tropical climates. Grow indoors in temperate climates. Prefers moist and fertile soil. Sensitive to frost and drought. Remove growing tips to promote a bushy habit. Propagate from tip cuttings or by air layering. Susceptible to mealy bug and scale.




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