Dracaena marginata



Herbaceous perennial growing up to 6m high in warm climates. Multiple branching stems arise from the base supporting mid-green, sessile, linear and pointed leaves. The flowers are rarely seen. The variety 'Tricolor' features leaves with a cream stripe and red margin.


Suitable for garden beds in warmer climates, or as a an indoor plant in cool and temperate zones.


Suitable for full sun or part shade in warm climates, or indoors in cooler climates. Prefers well-drained soil. Avoid overwatering indoor plants during cooler weather. Cut back overgrown plants to soil level during spring. Propagate from cuttings or aerial layering. Susceptible to mealy bugs.


Stem (cane) cuttings


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syn. Dracena reflexa var angustifolia, Pleomele marginata, Cordyline marginata

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