Coprosma repens


Mirror Bush

A spreading shrub 2 to 3 metres tall; with dense foliage. Roughly round to oval shaped, glossy green leaves between 2 and 8cm long. Leaves sometimes described as semi succulent.

Stems can start greenish to glaucous, but turn brownish or greyish and become woody as they age.


Garden shrub, Windbreak


Open or protected position, Full sun to semi shade. Avoid heavy shade.; Water freely when growing, avoid waterlogging, grows in most soils. Responds well to mulching and feeding during periods of growth. Prune as required to control size and shape only.


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Plant Health

Hardy, but may be damaged by extreme cold.

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Synonyms: Coprosma perpusilla Colenso subsp. subantarctica, Coprosma pumila

Can become a weed problem in some places.

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