Mammillaria hahniana


Old Lady Cactus, Old Lady Pincushion

Develops solitary spherical balls to 25cm tall, covered with white down and spines.

Pink flowers


Rockeries, desert gardens, container plant, greenhouse plant.


Prefers full sun; in cold places shelter from low temperatures. It may be better in a greenhgouse over winter in mild or colder climates. Keep dry if temperatures are approaching 12 celsius or lower; water moderately when day temperatures are commonly over 20 celsius; but avoid over watering. Slightly moist to drier soil is better than wet soil.


Sow seed in spring to germinate at temperatures between 19 and 24 degrees celsius.

Offsets can be separated from parent plants.


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Plant Health

Excess water will lead to root rots particularly if conditions are cool.

Occasionally mealy bugs.

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