Citrus limon


Lemon Tree

Most grow 4 to 7m tall, there are also shorter cultivars. Some have thorns, more so than others.


Fruit tree for orchards or home gardens, tub plant, occasionally espalier. Greenhouse or conservatory plant in cold climates.


Lemons are relatively hardy, provided you use a grafted plant growing on a rootstock suitable for your area. They are fairly tolerant of high humidity and occasional strong winds but do not tolerate waterlogged soils at all. Lemons need more potassium (i.e. potash) than other citrus. Trees can take 10 years or more to reach full size but can last a lifetime. Lemons are picked after they turn yellow.


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Meyer lemons are smaller and more frost tolerant than other varieties. Other popular varieties include Lisbon and Eureka. Lisbon is sometimes preferred because it has less thorns than Eureka.

Plant Health

If kept in moist, freely draining and fertile soil; plants can be relatively disease resistant. Too much moisture in soil, or through lack of air movement around a plant can cfavour some diseases.

Aphids, mealy bug, thrip, beetles and other insects can attack different parts of the plant. Collar rot can affect the lower trunk. particularly when mulch or soil is heaped around the trunk causing an increase in moisture.

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