Columnea cultivars


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Evergreen shrubs, sub shrubs, climbers and groundcovers;  indigenous to woodland and rainforests of central America the Caribbean and tropical South America. Tubular two lipped flowers are commonly shades of red, yellow or orange.


Indoor or greenhouse plants; only outside in hot, humid climates. Trailing types are ideally suited to container growing; particularly as a hanging basket plant


Grown most commonly as a greenhouse or indoor plant in temperate and sub tropical climates; but sometimes as an outdoor plant in warmer places. Night temperatures in winter should be kept at around 13 degrees Celsius or higher. They like lots of light, but no direct sunlight. Water freely when growing strongly; but sparingly as growth slows.
Flowering occurs late winter or spring. Repot plants every second year, after flowering.


Stem cuttings, layering


Around 15 species, several cultivars.

Plant Health

Root rots, mealy bug, cold or dry air can cause leaves to drop and eventually death.

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