Anthurium cultivars


Flamingo Flower

Clump-forming plants with heart-shaped, glossy leaves and large, attractive colourful spathe-like flowers.


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Requires moist, well-drained soil with high organic content and a humid atmosphere. Bright light required to encourage flower display.
Mist plants regularly to keep humidity up. 
Remove old leaves and spent flower stalks.
Fertilise with slow-release pellets or liquid products. 


Propagate by division or from seeds kept at around 27°C.


Many species and varieties of species are grown as named cultivars, including:

A. andreanum - Ovate leaves to 25cm long sit at the ends of long leaf stalks normally emerging from the base. Stems can eventually be more than 30cm long and flowers are commonly reddish. There are many varieties with different flower colours (even white).

A. scherzerianum - Generally more adaptable as an indoor plant than A. adraeanum. Stems are generally very short and flowers are commonly scarlet. Many hybrids have been produced from this species.

Plant Health

Susceptible to mealy bugs, spider mites and root rots. 

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